Linking Buyers and Makers throughout the World

Serving a Worldwide Client Base:

Partnering Ideation to Production

"Creativity is thinking up new things.

Innovation is doing new things."

                                                                        — Theodore Levitt

We Serve a World of Industries

Source Global, Inc. (SGI) serves a client base which includes many startups, privately held corporations, and publicly held major corporations — the majority with market capitalization from $5 million to $50 million.


We pride ourselves on working with product ideas that show great potential across a broad manufacturing spectrum.  Our varied product base extends from castings, die castings, forgings, metal machined parts and medical products to electronic components,  assemblies and finished electronic products. Other areas of expertise include plastic injected-molded items, optical lens products, stitched nylon, ballistic nylon and cloth materials.


Our products are not limited to a specific maker's equipment or processes. We do not represent specific makers in Asia. Our engineers find and match the correct maker to your project. Our products expand as requests from our potential and existing clients grow. In this global arena, we want our clients to succeed. As your vision becomes reality, we'll be there with you matching your product with the right maker ... "linking buyers and makers throughout the world."


How can we serve you to help make your vision a reality?